Rating System

 My rating system is very basic, except I’m doing it with purple hearts instead of the usual stars.

One Heart:  

Basically this means blech. This book really stank, and I’m talking about the foul odor of struggling to finish, crying in desperation for the end to just finally come. This also applies to books I honestly just couldn’t finish. Which, sadly yes, this does happen occasionally.

Two hearts

This rating is reserved for the books that I manage to finish, probably while feeling unenthusiastic, and end up regretting taking any time to read it. But it still has some redeemable qualities about it, thus managing two hearts instead of the dreaded one.

Three hearts: 

Three hearts is for a decent book. That book I find myself enjoying, even if I’m not really sure why. The book that is complete guilty pleasure reading, or maybe just a surprisingly well written book, with only a few problems. Usually the sad simpering female character who, if she had actually managed to be reasonable or independent or kickass, would have really made the book.

Four hearts: 

These are the books that are fun and everything I had hoped for and original and surprising. The ones that I usually only have one problem with, AKA lack of steamy make out scenes or a lame ending. The ones I considering buying to read again and again.

Five hearts: 

Behold! The shining example of what all books should be! Perfection printed between pages and bound in beauty. These are the books I will buy and gasp every single time I reread them and rant about them and cry over them and want to crawl under my bed and die once I realize nothing in them is real.

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