Hey guys, my name is Rowan, thanks so much for checking out my book blog!

My life mainly consists of books, fantasizing about books, and trying to find more books. Besides that, I’m basically your typical book addict. Books will always be my one true love in life.

I mostly read an assortment of YA/fantasy/paranormal/romance/ fiction… What can I say, the real world has nothing on most fictional ones. No one can blame me for getting sucked into fantasy realms where kick ass princesses slay dragons and get wooed by dashing scoundrels.

I love to write almost as much as I love to read, and I hope to one day publish my own wonderful books. Hopefully reviewing all of these books will teach me a thing or two about writing and how to create a fantastic story of my own.

I read very quickly and always give honest reviews, but try not to be too harsh. Usually at least one good thing can be found, if you look hard enough.




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