Book Talk: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Last month I re-read the Throne of Glass series and The Assassins Blade18006496 by Sarah J. Maas, so after finishing Heir of Fire for a second time and the beautiful cover release for Queen of Shadows, I figured it was time for me to share the things that I want or expect to happen in this fourth installment.

Just as a warning, this post will include spoilers for the other books in this series.

So at the end of HoF, Celaena has embraced her identity as Aelin and she has left Rowan behind to travel back to the city, the palace, and ultimately the king. She is going back as Celaena Sardothien and obviously has some sort of plan in her mind as to how she is going to use that to her advantage.

Here is my major concern with that; I have a hard time believing that the king really won’t know who she is. I mean, he is super clever and scheming all the time, I don’t think that he isn’t going to put two and two together. Celaena coming back without having done the job she was sent there to do is already risky enough, but on top of being furious, the king might question what she was doing with all of her time over there. And with everything going on with Aelin emerging where Celaena was, plus all of the curious things surrounding Celaena in the castle, which we all know the king has noticed, he shouldn’t have trouble connecting things. So the question is, is Celaena actually walking into a trap?

On of the main questions I have is what exactly is going to happen to Dorian? At the end of HoF, his father locked the black collar around his neck and that’s all we got. I’m not sure if having the collar on is going to just put Dorian under his father’s control, or if it’s actually going to change him into something evil. Sarah J. Maas stated that QoS will be opening with a chapter from Dorian’s POV so I guess we are going to find out. I’m worried the king is going to use Dorian to get information out of Celaena or betray her. I think my main fear is that she is going to have to end up killing Dorian. Or actually, it would be even worse if Chaol has to kill him. Like if he and Celaena team up now that he has left the castle and his duties behind, and ultimately they can’t save Dorian so they have to kill him to save him. I feel like it would be extra heart-wrenching to have Chaol do it since they were like brothers.

Speaking of Chaol, I’m so nervous to see where he and Celaena are headed. I’m a huge shipper of them together, but I’m so nervous after HoF. Rowan implies that Chaol can’t actually be Celaena’s mate, and at the very end of the book, she takes off the ring she got from him and feels lighter. Obviously they aren’t done with each other, but I’m scared they will be romantically. However, maybe there is a loophole with the mate thing and maybe once she sees that Chaol picked her side, their romance will rekindle. I just don’t see her being with anyone else, or at least not any of the other male characters in the book right now. I feel like her being with Dorian would make sense, so they can rule together, but I don’t see it happening since she already kind of went down that road. I don’t want her to end up with Rowan, what they have is so much better than romance and I would be so mad if they lost it for some smooching time. Besides the two of them, that basically leaves Aedion or a new character. I don’t see Aedion happening since they are cousins, and I don’t like the idea of a guy coming in this late in the series to woo her. I don’t know, maybe Celaena won’t be with anyone, which I would prefer before anyone but Chaol.

I also have my finger crossed that we are going to see more of Manon in QoS. I loved her story line and her as a character in HoF and we know that something is going on with the witch clans. I do ultimately think that Manon will team up with Celaena, but maybe only after they face each other. I’m just intrigued to see exactly what sort of plan the king has for the witch clans and their new mounts. I don’t necessarily think that Manon and Celaena will meet up in QoS, because I feel like Manon might take this book to question herself and her duties more before encountering Celaena. We see a bit of Manon’s heart in HoF and her disobeying her grandmother, but I feel like the doubt isn’t strong enough yet for her to justify turning her back on the rest of the clans.

I think that in this book we are going to have a few major things happen, one of them being Celaena rescuing Aedion. I refuse to believe that Sarah J. Maas is evil enough to bring in such an interesting character and kill him off so quickly. I loved Aedion in HoF and I want to see what he can do with Celaena to help bring her to power. She is going to rescue him, I just know it. Another thing I think is going to happen, is that they are going to take out one of the towers blocking magic. I’m not sure if it’s going to be Celaena or Chaol or the rebels, but I think it’s going to happen. It was such a big revelation in HoF, and such a big deal if they could restore magic, that I don’t think they would put it off. And that way, Rowan will be free to come over and aid them. Then finally, I think that Celaena is going to kill her old mentor, Arobynn. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate this man and how excited I am to see Celaena kill him. He deserves it and I know that she is coming for blood. We know from a except released that she is at least looking for him in QoS, and I feel like shen she finally finds him, after everything he did to her, there is no way he is going to live,

The only other things I know about QoS is just that it’s going to be substantially longer than HoF which is both exciting and intimidating, and that Celaena is going to be using her ninja suit from The Assassin’s Blade. We also are going to be seeing the name change in this book, from Celaena to Aelin. I personally think I’m going to have a bit of a hard time dealing with this, but I’m sure I will get used to it eventually.

Please let me know what you guys think or hope is going to happen in Queen of Shadows! I honestly cannot wait for this book to come out, it’s release date is set for September 1st and it feels like a lifetime away.


5 thoughts on “Book Talk: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

  1. I agree with you on so many levels. I am glad you are sticking to Chaol and Celaena being together! Despite everything they have gone through, I think their hearts are aligned. She cant be with Rowan, they have developed a brother/sister even a Queen/warrior relationship. Her and Aedion would just be weird and Dorian needs to be freed so he can kill his father and rule Adarlan, Celaena/Aelin is taking her throne back in Terrasen.

    I love your ideas about Manon. I think she is going to question herself a lot and what her purpose is in all of this. I also feel that when one of the black towers fall it might be due to her. She could reclaim her magic and change the witch covens for good.

    I don’t think this will happen in QofS but perhaps in book 5, maybe once Aelin has really reclaimed the throne and developed an army against Adarlan, but the return of Ansel. It was said in HofF that a queen with red hair was ruling The Western Wastes. I have yet to decide what her role will be in all this, though I think I have time to figure it out, but I do believe she will remain loyal to Aelin even after their rocky past.

    And lastly, this book better be bloody! I mean Arobynn better die the most gruesome death for everything that he has done. This book is supposed to be about vengeance. I think vengeance is best served with hand to hand combat, a sword fight, some torture, and a bit of blood.

    Okay, I think I’m done. But seriously I cannot wait. I want to put a countdown calendar up in my office but I think that would be a little weird.

    • It makes me so nervous that I honestly can’t predict who she is going to end up with! Usually in YA books, the romance is fairly predictable but I feel like I’m jinxing it by saying she’s going to end up Chaol. If she doesn’t, do you think she just won’t be with anyone else or do you think Sarah J. Maas is going to introduce a new love interest? Ansel! Holy cow, I didn’t even think of her, that would be so cool if she tied into this somehow. Wow, great idea! Haha I love how bloodthirsty you are, I’m right there with you!

  2. It’s so nice to read a review that mirrors my own thoughts!

    Heir of Fire brought the series to a whole new level for me. I missed the three main characters being together, but this book was necessary for each of them to come to peace with past events and to grow and change into who they are meant to be. Celaena comes to terms with her past, learns to control her Fae powers and sets out to reclaim her kingdom, thus finally becoming Aelin. Chaol obviously is having a hard time excepting everything about Celaena, but who wouldn’t? I’m sure 1) seeing your love turn into a blood thirsty murder and 2) finding out she is the heir to Terrasen, takes a while to digest. The events in their months apart allow enough time for Chaol to process not only who Celaena really is, but (finally) who the king really is. In the end, we finally see Chaol take a stance. Dropping his captain of the guard sword into the sea and replacing it with Damascus (if memory serves me right), is symbolic of him shedding everything he used to be in favor of fighting for what is truly right and honorable. And then there is Dorian, who experiences what it is like to have someone love him and look at him the way Celaena looked at Chaol. Even though it was taken away too soon, I see this as an important part of his character development.

    I don’t think Dorian is going to die. They need his magic to knock down the towers to release magic back into their lands. Plus, he’s heir to Adarlan and would make a great king.

    As for Chaol, I also want him and Aelin to end up together. I keep looking for clues that point to them getting back together eventually. I can’t remember the exact story to the love song that was performed at court in the 2nd book, but I think part of it was about kings offering a princess wealth and status, but in the end the princess choses the knight because he saw her for who she was. Rowan, Aedin, Arobynn, and Dorian can all offer Aelin great, powerful or political matches, but I’m rooting for Chaol, that honorable knight, who at first loved her for the girl she was with out power and a title. Chaol says that Celaena will always choose him, but Aelin would not. I’m hoping the man Chaol chooses to become after the events of HoF is someone Aelin would choose. And I think Chaol could still be her mate. It would make sense that the lack of magic in Adarlan prevented the bond from forming and it would be better for the bond to happen once Aelin and Chaol had grown into who there were meant to be, instead of when they were hiding from who they could be. I see a lot of people shipping Rowan and Aelin, but I agree with you that their friendship is pretty awesome the way it is. I loved Rowan and I’m hoping the new female warrior in QoS could be a love interest for him.

    I need to re-read Manon’s story, but I loved her relationship with Abraxos. It was different having so many new characters introduced in the third book, but it all complimented the story so well. Thankfully I didn’t discover this series until this past May and, double thankfully, when I finished the 3rd book Ms. Maas had already posted the first chapter to QoS. It would have been torture to wait a whole year for even a glimpse of QoS. After I read that first chapter, I felt just like Aelin and had a weight lifted from my shoulders when she finally saw Chaol again. I missed them being together. September can’t come soon enough!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!! Finally, not some babbling Rowan+Calaena crap, they are better off with the relationships they have right now. I totally agree a romantic relationship between them would ruin everything. I’m praying and hoping with all my might Celaena can forgive Chaol, because they are beyond perfect for one another

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