Top 3: Favorite Villians

Let me know who your favorite villians are! And as always, thanks for watching 🙂


2 thoughts on “Top 3: Favorite Villians

  1. I definitely agree with the Darkling… I love him and I cried at the end of Ruin and Rising so hard… *sniff*

    Voldemort just gives me the chills and I respect Harry so much for not checking under his beds every night before going to bed…

    I also really like Warner from Shatter Me… I LOVE him… I won’t say anything more cuz I don’t know if you’ve read the books yet (and if you haven’t, READ IT!!! <3)

    Awesome video! I haven't read the Lunar Chronicles yet, but I will… someday… hopefully soon. ;P
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    • I actually read the Shatter Me books and wasn’t a huge fan, but the one thing I did like about them was Warner. He was definitely interesting, I just had a few problems with the books themselves, I have the reviews for them on here if you’re interested 🙂 The Lunar Chronicles are great, such fun books! I highly recommend them! Thanks so much ❤

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