Review: My Soul Immortal

Title: My Soul Immortal (Fated Eternals #1) 20727560

Author: Jen Printy

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: February 15, 2014

Summary: An endless love, for an endless price.

Jack’s immortality is exposed when he prevents a liquor store heist, forcing him to flee to protect his secret—a secret not even he understands. But when he meets Leah Winters—a mirror image of his decades-lost love, Lydia—his very soul is laid bare. He begins to question his sanity. Is she real, and if so, what does that mean for Jack and his secret?

Jack’s not the only mystery man in town. A stranger named Artagan hints at knowledge Jack is desperate to possess. But can he trust Artagan, or does the dark newcomer harbor deadly secrets of his own?

As Jack’s bond with Leah grows, so does the danger to her life. Jack must discover just how much he is willing to risk in order to save the woman he already lost once.


To start with, I would like to thank Jen Printy and Red Adept Publishing for sending me a copy of this book, I really appreciate it and you guys rock.

This book really hooked me in the beginning. The fact that the narrator is guy was a good start, since a majority of the books I read have girls as the main character so I was really excited with this refreshing change. Not to mention that the mystery level was at like a million after just a few pages. I was immediately interested by Death and how Jack referred to him like he was a person, and hated him for once again not showing up on time. That basically told me that Jack can’t die but he really wants to die, but none of the why. And the why was what matters.

Jack as a character though definitely wasn’t my favorite male protagonist ever. Now that’s not to say that I hated him, because I definitely didn’t, but I did have a few problems with him. First of all, he was a little whiny and mopey. Now, I obviously haven’t been alive for 170 years so maybe I’d be a huge rain cloud of depressing doom and gloom too, but it was a little annoying at times. I would think after that many years with no escape, he would at least start trying to look on the bright side occasionally. Plus, Jack felt kind of like a noob sometimes. I can’t believe I just used that word in a sentence but it fits here. He still would slip up sometimes and give away hints of what he is, and wasn’t really with the times which he showed several times with his outdated ideas and manners. You’d think he would have learned to blend in or adapt a little better after hiding for so long. But I did really enjoy how old fashioned and polite he was sometimes, I enjoy watching young men actually treat ladies with respect instead of being assholes like most YA love interests these days. And his devotion to Leah was heartwarming, listening to him explain how much she meant to him made him super swoony.

Leah I liked just fine. I actually wish we could have learned more about her, something I’m sure will happen in the next book. But I felt like Jack kept making references to things Leah was doing that reminded him of Lydia so it didn’t really stick to Leah, making her seem a little flat. One of the main problems I have with an insta-love scenario such as this, is that I feel like we miss a lot of critical time watching the characters get to know each other, and therefore learning more about them and adding depth. Leah was sweet and stubborn and funny, and I liked her spunk. Her insecurities with Jack were more than understandable, I can’t imagine ever being completely certain that my boyfriend truly loved me when I look exactly like his ex-girlfriend that he spent 170 years pining over.  I just felt like a lot of Jack’s narration about her was just swooning over her, so we missed a lot of her depth. I hope that in the next book, now with the insta-love sappy stuff out of the way, we can watch more of an actually relationship grow between them.

My favorite character in this book was Artagan. This dude was actually really cool. I loved his back story and how he was a lot darker than Jack, and how he embraced it. It was like seeing how Jack could be if he had let go of his humanity a little more. But Artagan was really clever and sinister, but in a way that made him likable, even when we didn’t know who he was. His quest for vengeance was more intense and interesting to me than the love story that was the main focus. I liked seeing a character with a tragic past that embraced it, accepted it, never forgot, and plotted their revenge while still retaining their humanity. I would absolutely love to see more of him in the next book and see what the next part of his life is going to be, especially after the ending.

The main thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the interesting lore and mythology surrounding Jack and Leah. I’m trying to not spoil anything, but everything concerning Death and the council and what exactly Jack and Leah are, it was really interesting and I really liked how it was done. I loved the tale that the author gave Artagan as his back story, and the explanation for Jacks’s prolonged life and Leah’s resemblance to Lydia was a great idea. I might be a little biased though because I love mostly anything that has to do with souls, but I thought it opened a lot of doors for this world they are being pulled into, and left a lot of potential for more interesting back stories.

I have some serious mixed feelings with the romance in this book. While I really liked Jack and Leah as a couple and felt their connection, I automatically want to hate any insta-love scenario. Which this was. I’m pretty sure Jack and Leah were saying the L word to each other after like a week. But the reason I have mixed feelings is because if any characters have a reason to be so sappy and committed after such a short period of time, it would be them. It’s hard because Leah and Jack technically only knew each other for the duration of this book. But they still kind of knew each other, so in a way, it’s unfair of me to call it insta-love. At the same time though, Jack keeps insisting that it’s Leah he loves, who he has only known a few weeks. Gah. I’m still undecided with how I feel about this.

There were only a few smaller problems I found that I had with this book. Mainly, I was disappointed with the villain choice. Vita had almost no page time in this book, so she never meant anything to me. Her motivation for wanting to kill everyone was literally just because she wanted to kill everyone, it didn’t really have anything to do with Jack personally and that was a little underwhelming. A good villain can add so much to a book, and while I’d say that was one of the weakest points of this book, I hope the author takes the clean slate with the second book and creates a more engaging and layered villain.

Overall, I enjoyed the writing of this book, it was pretty quick and easy, but the author writes in a way that’s really fitting for the more dark and mysterious parts of the story. Although I will admit that this book reminded me a little bit of mix of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, I found the mythology and supernatural concepts more interesting and complex than either of those. Characters usually really carry books for me and that’s where this one fell a little flat, but the ending was intriguing enough that I would definitely give the second book a shot, and hopefully learn a bit more about Jack and Leah.



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