Must-Read Monday: Throne of Glass Series

I decided to start my Must-Read Mondays off strong with some of my favorite books ever, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. These books are some of the most amazing fantasy books that I have ever read. Period. With one of the best heroines of all time. Possibly the best.

To start with, these characters. Holy snap, these characters. 13519397

Celaena is such an amazing character, she is so layered and realistic, and through the three books that are already out, her personality just grows and grows. Not only that, but she also happens to be one of the most bad ass people ever. She is an assassin, a great assassin, betrayed and forced to be a slave in the salt mines, only to be pulled forth and thrown into a tournament for her life. Watching Celaena in action is beyond exciting, her skills at sneaking and killing are both impressive and terrifying. But under all of that, you get to see that she has a warm heart of gold when it matters. Her sass and snarky comments dominate the pages, only adding to the complete package of amazing that is Celaena Sardothien.

All of Celaena’s friends are well written and amazing too. Dorian, Chaol, Nehemia, they all bring so much to these books. I just can’t stop gushing about how well written all of these characters are. I always find it so impressive when an author can not only make the main character great, but all of the secondary characters too. I feel like that takes some serious skills. Dorian is the smooth Prince, son of the evil King that Celaena is competing for, an evil King who may or 17167166 may not want to annihilate the world. Luckily, his son is a pretty nice guy. Chaol is the captain of the guard, even though he is so young and inexperienced. In charge of helping Celaena (and making sure she doesn’t murder anyone), he provides support and a big dose of tough love, determined to not let Celaena die. They are both handsome and swoony, possibly in love with Celaena and willing to do anything they can to protect her (not that she needs it). This sounds like the perfect set up for a long triangle right? WRONG! Well kinda… You’ll have to read to find out but let me just say that the romance is unbelievable.

The thing about these books is that every single book just gets better and better. There have only been three released so far, with six planned, last I heard. The first book is great as the beginning, introducing all of the characters, setting up the political power struggles, introducing the villains and big baddies, and bringing forth a huge mystery. The second book just adds on to all of these, giving answers and more problems, creating more complex relationships and adding a bit of world building. You can see the transformation Celaena goes through between the first and second book, how the people around her change her, making her better in my opinion. 20613470

But the third book is where it’s at. Just released in September, this book topped the other two by far. The amount of character development that Celaena goes through is mind blowing. And the world building… Dear god, the world building was beautiful. In this book we are introduced to so many new places and characters, and suddenly there is so much more going on in this world, more than you realized in the last books. This book makes you realize just how Sarah J. Maas is setting up for something absolutely epic to happen in the next three books.

If you like any books with fantasy, romance, amazing characters, a kick ass heroine, an epic world, evil bad guys out to destroy everything, mystery, fight scenes, just about everything else that makes a book amazing, READ THIS SERIES! Basically, if you don’t read these books, you’re saying you don’t like any of those things and therefore you are an awful person and should never read again.


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