October TBR Pile

Fall is here and there is nothing that I love more than sitting inside with a cup of tea and a blankie, reading a book on a cold, blustery day. And this month, I have a huge TBR pile. There are several books being released this month that I can’t wait to get my hands on, and some nostalgic reads for the particularly chilly days.

The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, released October 7, 2014: This one I pre-ordered a while ago and I’m so excited for it. The Percy Jackson books, including the Heroes of Olympus series, are one of my favorite series of all time. Thinking about this makes my stomach a huge twisting knot of nervous excitement. If anyone I like bites it, I’m going to send Rick Riordan a swarm of angry hate mail and bring the full wrath of an emotionally unstable fangirl down on his head.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, released October 21, 2014: The first two books of The Raven Cycle were ones I’d been putting off for a while actually, convinced they would be boring. HA HA, I’ve never been so wrong. These books are amazing and I once again must address the fact that Maggie Stiefvater knows how to write. The ending of the last book, and all the mystery and tension, almost made me cry at the though of having to wait for this one. I’m so scared somethings going to happen to my Gansey baby. I’ve also pre-ordered this one.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu, released October 7, 2014. If you’ve read her Legend series, you know why everyone’s excited for this book. I’m looking forward to the, no doubt bad ass heroine and dark undertones. The summary sounds amazing and rereading it now, I’m regretting the fact that I haven’t pre-ordered it. I have a soft spot though for female leads with special powers that want to use them to do some damage and get some revenge, instead of trying to hide away and living in fear of hurting someone. I hope she causes some bloodshed.

Snow Like Ashes by Sarah Raasch, released October 14, 2014: Okay, I’ll admit I’m a little bit hesitant about this one. The first think that worries me is that one of the few reviews it has compares it to Defy by Sarah Larson and says it’s worse. Which if you read my review of Defy (here), you know that I absolutely despised that book. HOWEVER, I’m willing to give anything with a good sounding fantasy setting a try.

Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst , released October 14, 2014: I’ve read a few of this author’s books but honestly don’t remember much about them which isn’t a good sign. But, I’ve heard some good things about this new book and I’m willing to give it a chance. I usually like anything with super power/paranormal stuff going on, and I like that magic is actually being tied into this modern day story. It might turn out to be good.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman: I have heard so many great things about this book, I’m actually embarrassed I haven’t read it yet. But I grabbed it at the library last night and I plan on spending a day busting it out and seeing what all the hype is about. I do love dragons though so it’s already got some bonus points.

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen: Trolls. This book is apparently about trolls. I’m really conflicted here because this book has gotten great reviews by many of my friends on Goodreads and a review has been requested for it several times. But, trolls. Like I’m loving that this is pretty out of the box and everything but I don’t know if I can do it. No matter how wonderful the troll prince is, or how he is described in the book, I’m going to be picturing some fat, smelly, foul troll beast thing. And that’s not something I want to be picturing during the smooching scenes.

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner: Another books I should have read by now but for some reason, the wait list at the library was ridiculously long. I’ve been waiting months to get it and last night it finally happened. I love spaceships and sci fi and survival stories and this seems like a perfect blend of all of the above! I hope I’m not disappointed. And did I mention that the cover is absolutely gorgeous?

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski: I feel like an idiot now but when this first came out, I skimmed over the summary and for some reason, thought that this was historical fiction. Reading the summary now, I have no idea why I got that impression but I had no interest in reading it at the time. It wasn’t until some of my outraged Goodreads friends demanded to know why I hadn’t read it yet then all laughed at my stupidity when I explained. I ordered it from the library the next day and it’s now sitting on my bedside table.

Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre: Honestly, this book sounds like it’s full of insta-love, flawless bitch girls, and an immature, superficial heroine. But I was reading a review of it and the girl was so mad about this book and whatever happens in it, that she basically just has a rage quit in the middle of the review. Now I’m intrigued. I have to read this and see what exactly was so bad, it couldn’t even be put into words.

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson: Can you guys tell I’m a sucker for anything fantasy? All the summary has to mention is something that implies a fantasy system and I’m all over it. This one is no exception. And the pretty cover. Pretty covers are my weakness too.

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews: These are some of my favorite books ever. They might be considered guilty pleasure books, but I’m not even remotely ashamed to admit that I love them. Kate is one of the most bad ass and amazing heroines to ever be written, and the books are full of amazing romance, some of the best fight scenes, intriguing magic, great world building, and everything else you could ever want. I’m so upset that I couldn’t pre-order this one right when it came out (it would be in hardcover and I own the rest of the series in paperback) so I had to wait to get it from the library. Apparently everyone else decided they wanted to read it before me. Read these books. They aren’t necessarily YA but trust me. Or check out the series on Goodreads, they consistently have some of the highest ratings I’ve ever seen.

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy: This is the book I’m choosing for my Halloween read. I read this book years ago and it scared the life out of me. I was a big sweaty mess, hiding under my blankeets, reading this horrid book with a flashlight, trying not to vomit from all the graphic descriptions. I was traumatized for days. But I recently picked up the second one at Half Price Books and with Halloween coming up, I figured why not revisit it? I’m probably going to end up regretting this decision.

What are some of your TBR books for October? Expect a lot of reviews to come, I’m officially settling in and busting out some (hopefully) good books. Wish me luck!


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